The yacht "Casablanca" is produced in Germany, at the world famous Bavaria shipyard. The length of the yacht is 30 feet (10 meters), according to the international classification, category A (open ocean, unlimited sailing area).
Minimum carrying capacity - 1000 kg, sleeping places 6. Translated from Spanish, Casablanca is a white house.
So it is, because in fact it is an analogue of a comfortable three-room apartment, with a kitchen, toilet, shower ... but at the same time it is equipped with modern navigation and a full set of sails! Welcome aboard!

Upstream - bridges and churches, downstream - nature, sails and a museum of modern architecture. And it only depends on the time how far we will have time to reach on the yacht, and how much we will have time to see.

When booking, specify that you are from Pereprava +.


Киев, Киев, Украина

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