An ideal boat for a small budget company. This vessel can be used for small family celebrations and corporate events.

✔ Excursions along the Dnieper;

✔ Excursion around the legendary island of Khortitsa;


✔Original photo session;


✔Banquet, buffet;

✔ Youth get-together;

✔ Birthday;

✔Picnic in nature.


River Station (Oak Grove) - Preobrazhensky Bridge - River Station (Oak Grove).
River Station (Oak Grove) - about. Belai - river station (Oak grove).
Around the island Khortytsya.
Dnieper Plavni.

The cost of renting a course - 2100 gr.,
parking - 1100 Gr.

Discounts apply when ordering from 4 hours.

Maksim. pass. capacity - 30. Comfortable 20 people. Tour guide for extra fee

When booking, please specify that you are from Pereprava +.


Запорожье, Запорожская область, Украина

Вместимость пассажиров
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