The perfect choice for a family vacation on the water. Luxury double deck pleasure craft. Open top deck with sun deck and banquet area for a romantic dinner. On the lower deck there is a saloon with a large fold-out sofa and a full kitchen area with TV, DVD, music center and karaoke, and a lounge. From the saloon there is an exit to the furnished bow deck. The bathroom is equipped with everything you need, including a shower.

A floating house for rent is a great way to have a party with a small company or relax with your family. Brazier, slide and sauna (additional charge) at your disposal.

For those who want to join later or go home earlier than everyone else, there is a boat transfer to the shore.

There is a flexible system of discounts.

Location: Oak Grove, Kon-Tiki Yacht Club

When booking, please specify that you are from Pereprava +.


Sun City, Запорожье, Запорожская область, Украина

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